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​This Is It!

This song is by Hammer Bros and appears on the EP II (2005).

Act like you care but think for yourself
You turned your back on me but I got you figured out
Fucked in the head but chained by the dick
You got exactly what you wanted and it makes me sick
You're wasting your time kicking your friends, just to save face because we pose a threat to your plans
Hating yourself has never been so fucking swell
Tell me how my life sucks
Tell me, how does it feel? You wrote the book on everyone else
You're such a scholar in us yet such a failure on yourself
Times are changing and you're no longer in step
I got a plan to make this right, I got it all figured out
Maybe this is what you want
Maybe I should explain? No way! Yeah, this is it! For once in my life I feel safe and secure
Passing my days with friends who won't quit
People I'd die for
They'll never know how much they've done and how much they've moved me
Yeah, this is it! This is my all! I get a kick out of you
You gotta move it along or you'll get caught in the past
You've gotta live each day like it's your fucking last
You gotta make ends meat, stick like glue
I'm giving all that I got from the harmless and true...