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Out Of Style

This song is by Hammer Bros and appears on the album The Vitality (2006).

Instead of talking shit why don't you do something about it? It's time for a change and you're out of style
Shut your fucking mouth because I'm sick of your shit
This is not my scene, I'll walk all over it
I don't give a fuck about you or your fashion
Just like the flu you'll be gone next week
We don't give a fuck about how much you drink because the only thing that matters is the way you think
With every waking moment I think of love, I think of my passion to speak my mind where it's not wanted
Better yet, where my words mean more
I'm not doing this for my heath, I got a chip on my shoulder and I'm calling you out
Who am I to judge? So act like you knew
Do us a favor, get a fucking clue

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