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This song is by Hammer Bros and appears on the album The Vitality (2006).

And I say down with the empire as if you fucking cared
For all the days I fucking bled, the wine spilled on the table
And you say I am nothing, and this I tell you I'm no one
My son, this is a revolution
We are legion! Casting stones on a dying day
The setting sun, such an honest reminder of how we throw our time away killing a sound in search for an answer
Every minute we've spent killing time gets me through another day
Burning bridges on the coldest of nights wishing I could get over you
We have given this solace up to a whore! Put your faith in a God who only worships himself
"Oh what fools these mortals be." I got no time for this passive resistance, this time we've got you all figured out
This is the only way, like the salt in my wounds
For the lost and lonely...
I am the only God! And I say down with the empire!

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