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​Front Row (Interlude)

This song is by Hamilton Park.

Hp high
I bet you ain't felt like this in a long time baby
Yeah that's how we put it down
Just let me know
Are you ready?
I'm a freak you long time baby

Turn the lights down
Pull the curtain and girl get ya spot
We gon' do a show tonight (hp)
See I'm just a man with nothing to prove
Tryna get my groove on (oh oh oh oh)
And when it's all said and done baby
I can take one of y'all home (ooh)
Cause girl you look so good
I'm a look around and stop the show (oh)
'Cause if you throw them panties on stage
We gon' do it in the front row (aye ooh)

Girl throw them panties on the stage
Baby panties on the stage
We gon' do it in the
Front row ooh yeah yeah

Written by:

Jeshua Lated Williams; Yancey Richards; Lateif Johnson; Kenteon Davis