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Stop Drop And Roll

This song is by Hamilton Marshall.

Have you ever met someone
And from the start you knew
There was something about her
I can't put my finger on it yet but
But but
But it's turning me on (x2)
Ay on on on on on (x3)

Now you'd be crazy not to see her
If she's walking down the street
Oh she looks like a goddess
From her head down to her feet
I was bouncin' through this club
When she turned them eyes on me
Now I'm dying to try her
This girl ignites my desire
To just go crazy on this beat
And I don't know if it's just me
But I swear
She's lookin' at me like some
Animal in heat
And man if she keeps on starring
Next stops my passengers seat
'Cause I'm dying to try her
Somehow I think I'm on fire
I need to

And I feel like I need to
Stop drop and roll (x2)
With me in the sea of these sheets
Get so mean baby girl

Now we pull right up to my house
I lay her down on my couch
Probably look hungry as hell
But those damn clothes I want her out
She's got it right there in my face
Now show me what you're about
'Cause I'm dying to please her
I just hope she ain't no teaser
So we take it to the floor
Watch her wind it up real slow
I still haven't caught her name

So I scream Britney give me more
You can leave those over there
Cause right about now it's time to go
Oh I'm dying to try her
Lets set this bedroom on fire
I need to

And I feel like I need to
Stop drop and roll
Stop drop and roll roll roll
With me in the sea of these sheets baby girll

Ay man this thing is so crazy
I ain't plan to run into this 80's baby
No I try to keep my stance
I just came here to dance but
You comin' to my crib
And you ain't gotta pursue me
Lets take it to the counter
Lil mama it's on
'Cause I ain't gotta kick you out
Till bout six in the mornin
So imma have that ass on here moanin
And you know I'm in my zone man.

But wait oh geez
There's a parting in the sea
Father away from the ocean
There's a breeze between the trees
When I was younger mother
Told me 'bout the birds and the bees
But she never mentioned honey drippers
Taste so sweet
I never knew that one chick
Could ignite my desire
But I'm putting this on paper baby
I'm jus that inspired
You must be some kind of drug
Cause girl I couldn't get much higher
Excuse me if I perspire
It's just that I'm on fire

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