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The Bride's Dad

This song is by Hamilton Leithauser and appears on the album I Had A Dream That You Were Mine (2016).

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My ginger voice was raw with smoke
They hid their smiles when I stood and spoke
Some sunny lawn, some Saturday
A face was flushed when I went to sing
Wild Mountain Thyme
But I was crying before the second line

The strawberry stripes across
My ruddy cheeks got 'em giggling
My eyes are red and wild and wide
As I choked up over another line

For years and years, I disappeared
Tonight I'm here and I'm giving my best
It's all I have, the grandkids laugh
My linen vest is yellow-stained

And my teeth are chipped, my beard is gray
Your mother left, she's not impressed
The wedding guests are starting to get restless
And I think I have worn out my welcome

But I swear I caught you smile
From the corner of my eye
When they threw me off the stage
Oh, I know I saw you smiling
I swear I saw you smiling

They carried me away
Through the center of the crowd
From the corner of my eye
I swear I saw you smiling
You'll always be my darling, sweetheart

Written by:

Rostam Batmanglij Wikipedia16 / Hamilton Leithauser