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Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds (1971)Edit

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
  1. Goin' Down
  2. Annabella
  3. Sweet Pain
  4. It Takes the Best
  5. Don't Refuse My Love
  6. Long Road
  7. Don't Pull Your Love
  8. What Can You Say
  9. Behold
  10. Young, Wild and Free
  11. Nora

Hallway Symphony (1972)Edit

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Hallway Symphony
Hallway Symphony
  1. Hallway Symphony
  2. One Good Woman
  3. Like Monday Follows Sunday
  4. Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)
  5. Bridge over Troubled Water/You've Got a Friend (Medley)
  6. On the Other Hand
  7. Anna, No Can Do
  8. C'est la Vie
  9. Don't Be Afraid of the World
  10. If Every Man
  11. Hallway Symphony (Reprise)

Fallin' In Love (1975)Edit

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Fallin' In Love
Fallin' In Love
  1. Winners and Losers
  2. Everyday Without You
  3. Only Love (Will Break Your Heart)
  4. What Kind of Love Is This
  5. Fallin' in Love
  6. Badman
  7. Who Do You Love
  8. Barroom Blues
  9. So Good at Lovin' You
  10. Love Is

Other SongsEdit

  1. Daisy Mae

Additional information

Years active:
  • 1970's
Band members:
  • Joe Frank Carollo
  • Tommy Reynolds
  • Alan Dennison
Former members:
  • Dan Hamilton (deceased)
Related artists:
Record labels:

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