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Any Bird That Dares To Fly

This song is by Halou and appears on the album Halou (2008).

In my mind it's always beige
In the night it's always gray
And dusty, dirty
The kind of dirt that sticks to you,
Makes us kindof look the same
Almost human
And give us big guns
Make sure they're big guns
Blindfold me, spin me round
See if you can shoot me down
Is it over?

They can make you disappear
I can't hear you all I hear are shouts and ringing

And any bird that dares to fly in the bullet ridden sky
Is not dainty
And any fish that could survive in the open oil lines
Is not tasty
And that's what I read
So, should I doubt what I read?
And that's why I'm asking you
Help me understand the truth
If you know

Did you stay in the sun for too long?
The horizon caving in?
Are you seeing things?
And you know what they told you was wrong
And it keeps on happening
Are you seeing things?

Go on. It keeps on happening. Go on.

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