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This song is by Halo Grey.

..And I want nothing more than to
Make it seem logical for a change
We're mothers when it's only viable
And fathers if it's marketable
And can I make a million dollars
If I sold her golden egg

Everybody's all American, future gattacan.

For I am nothing more than your self-absorbed
Utopia so vain...
For what you call flaw I call character
That separates one from another
And if we all looked the same
Our uniqueness becomes erased

Everybody's all American, future gattacan.

Deep within bitter fantasies
Deep within
Oh lord I'm praying for your storm about to come
Trapped in utopia, I've learned to trust no one
I'm growing number to the hedonistic plea's
Same ones back then that killed
The child inside of me!
And those thorns they grow inside of me

All American, future gattacan

Everybody's all American, future gattacan.

Living the lie, living the lie
Deep within bitter fantasies