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The Big Lie

This song is by Halo Effect and appears on the album Recoding (2012).

Dominated by fears
We eat, we drink
Locked underground like a small ant

Controlled by the rules
We speak, we save
Dragging overtime as a grain of sand

Justified by needs
We pray, we sleep
Watching on the screen, our last attack
Driven by the work
We earn, we save
Accurately shaping all the spare parts

The big lie
Is feeding
Our life and live it

The big lie
Is needed
To move
Our life and live it

World divided in two
They say, they do
Cutting it in half like a rotten meat

Enchanted by the truth
They think, they impose
Manipulating stories of a nuclear war

Crossed for the pain
They die, they live
Freezing body parts to be replaced

Hiding from the air
They suck, they take
Immune to the rays scattered on the ground

The big lie
The lost time
We must regain control

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