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It Was Nothing

This song is by Halo Effect and appears on the album The Fourth Zone (2010).

When I close my eyes
It's you what I find
Your shining smile
The flame is burning
It's so cold outside
Let the bad thoughts go by
They always hurt so much
All you want is to live

You're flowing into me
As a river flows into sea
The stars are in the sky
And you're so happy

My lips are close to yours
My heart is beating like a drum
All the pain you have torn
And I am so strong
I can feel all your warmth
As we are leaving the whole world
Everything we've ever owned
It isn't worth it
I've opened up my eyes
The desert I have inside
There is nobody here
I was only dreaming

You're flowed into me
As a river flowed into sea
The darkest night I see
And it was nothing

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