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You And Me Both

This song is by Halloween, Alaska and appears on the album Too Tall To Hide (2005).

All I said is "i need your wheels"
All I want is the key
And you to live inside me.
Watch lights change in our darkest hour
Holding on to my arms and my tattoo of a TV
What you meant by discovery
Is wrapped up tight in the present for me
The future knows about telepathy
The funny mirror and the mystery
It's everything we want to be
You want this moment to _
Want to be
You feel the _ at random
You and me
Bet the farm and the rosary
Tie the [hope/whole?] chest in chains
And fasten all the feeling.
_ The sun and directory
All we know is never seen
Like a photo of the evening
What you meant by artillery is limping around on the legs of _
And we'll come for the factory so ride the whims of what remains in me
It's everything you want to be
You feel the _ at random
You and me
You dealing honey and _
Wanna be
You want the burden with _
You and me

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