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The Light Bulb Does

This song is by Halloween, Alaska and appears on the album Too Tall To Hide (2005).

Don't give the end away
I haven't seen it
I haven't seen a thing all winter.
I'm telling you the truth
And watching you read along
Is this a frequency or a second language?
Your liquor on your sleeve or a heart-shaped bottle top?
It's all that I can do to save the last blank for us.
If it's a secret, keep it in my hand
Till the fingers understand.
You're thinking it's a race but it's only running
You shouldn't be afraid of what we're becoming.
Now what's another word for "hallelujah?"
There is an anchor hanging by a thread
Till you steadied me instead.
The weather inside is better than where hide our _
See for real and
Keep me safe as the lightbulb does.

The obvious answer isn't so obvious to us.
See for real and
Keep me sure as the question was.

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