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Bad News Sticks

This song is by Halloween, Alaska and appears on the album Too Tall To Hide (2005).

So much for apathy
And scraping up your knees.
The midwest is a tease,
And missing out is universal.

'E' stands for everything,
And 'bloody' means the same
No matter where you live
Or who you call when bad news sticks to you.

Is it easy to believe
That distance and disease
Separate the six degrees?

And the day will come
When you make someone
Make someone want to stay.

Dress down the calendar,
The fashion in decline.
Pacific Standard Time is slow,
So ask yourself: Am I a 'Lucky Star'
Or am I 'Like a Prayer'
Or do I even dare
To peel away the off-white face again?

You can see it on the screen,
A guest in the machine
Never saying what you mean.

And the day will come when
You make someone
Make someone want to stay.

Wanna stay...

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