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Lightly Noise

This song is by Halifax Pier.

Oh lighter noise
Smoke, still
The air is thick and heavy with longing
The rhythmn in our steps
The thumping in our breasts
The vaulted ceilings amplify an echo
The movement isn't music
A tender fleeting sound
A fragile noise in an aurora of life
And we don't keep the beat
And barely step in time
And soon the organ grinder keeps us dancing
The rising city signs
They linger then they're gone
And no one says a word any more
A murmur in the air
A secret voice at once
Will speak now, for everyone

For every chord we strike
For every note we sing
Rings hollow like a dying breath
Raise your voices high
From valleys to the mountains
Where every aching stone returns your sigh
At once

Sing a song
We'll sing along
Sing for a long, long time

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