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Perfect Life

This song is by Halifax.

Early morning, step outside my head
Something in there thundering
Shake me out of bed
I get up feeling that I can't escape
I turn into the ocean if they carry me away

I've got the feeling that
I won't be leaving
There's no tomorrow
Tonight is all we have

Cheers to the good times
Saturday and satellites
The California coastline
The perfect life
One-on-one at night
Straight to the city lights
This moment is mine
This is the perfect life

Chasing sunset
Neon-colored skies
The city's heart is beating with mine
Keeping perfect time
Every second's a moment that passed you by
You have to realize it's a moment you've missed
But make up your life
Don't let 'em pass you by

You could teach me everything there is to learn
You could take me to the corners of the earth
If you watch me, do I really want to stay?
There's only one thing I would say

Take me back
Oh, just take me back

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