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This song is by Halfwaydecent.

Thaks for turning your back, when I needed a friend
It's like a bad dream that just wont even end
I'm only a hero, in my own mind
I'm searching for what I know
I'll never find
Is it true, that you wouldn't care
If I died or if I disappeared
Leave it at that, I'm a fool
For paying attention to your fucked up rules

I don't care, if you're my parents
I'm trapped in your fuckin' prison
Your not my family, or my friends
I have all I need in HALFWAY DECENT

I hate this so much, I wish I didn't care
'Cause by the first sign of hope ide be out of here
Growing up, feels morelike I'm standing still
17, feels like pushing a boulder up a hill
So fuck you, and your dumb rules
It sucks to know, the most freedom I have is school
Parents can be, just so cruel
Like a vice grip on my family jewels

Friday night, its TGIF for me
While all my friends are going to a party
By 10 O'clock I'm all tucked in
While mikes got some bicth that hes humpin
Cartoon left early, to hang with his girl
This life makes me sick I'm about to hurl
Codys DJ'ing has got all the girls wanting him
And now my night has hit rock bottom