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This song is by Halfwaydecent.

Lies all day, lies all night
In the dark it's not right
Told to come, you werent there
Is it that, you don't care?
I'm alone, it's not fair
Why is it, that I'm here
Once again I have failed
As our train gets derailed

You're a bitch and you lied to me again
You even told me that you fucked all my friends
But you really only fucked 3 of them
You even fucked my dad, but we won't count him

So lets see what will become
Of this heartbreaking game
That you played on me
How could you call us we?
I fell into this lie
You told me we would get by
Took it all stride 4 stride
It nearly ruined my life...

I called you
I heard him
I'm thinking not again
It's all happened before
Like a revolving door
Should have quit the first time
Now I'm stuck writing rhymes
Heart aching, there's no cure
Now it's over, for sure...

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