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Dancing With Miss Hollis

This song is by Halfway To The Moon and appears on the album On Canvas (2008).

I'll put my foot out, breath in, try not to look down at all
With every step I find another excuse to...

Fall back to, back when we were kids
I grew up slow and found myself in the things I missed
I turned around and walked into
A place that's nothing to do with you

Can I say that you got this off your chest into my head?
No, but I can say that
I'm throwing up the things you never should have said... my God

I fall back to the way this used to be
I never thought the simple life would be the only thing I'd need
We fall back, because this is how this has to be
I never thought the ties we've made would be the things that set us free

Hold your breath, hold your breath, let it out slow

These days mark the price I have to pay
With every minute there's a problem that needs to change
But I stay the same, I stay the same, I stay the same
I can feel this
An angel from the passed has pulled me in
I can feel this
It's nothing but a mindset, it's just a way of giving in

This is simple and I am happy here
I found a place, a place that's crystal clear to me
It's so clear to me

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