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This song is by Halfway Decent.

Take it all away, and bring it back someday
Your the girl I wish I knew
The girl I thought about it school
But ill never know your name
And ill never get your number
Or the chance to catch a show
With you by my side
So here evangeline
I wrote this song for you
And all the shit you put me through

I hope you see evangeline, what you do to me
I hope you see evangeline, how I'm so lonely
And if you see evangeline, tell her I'm still waiting
And if you see evangeline, tell her my hearts still breaking

So now I hear
Evangelines doing fine
Without ever knowing my name
And this room you're in
Seems lonely again
Without your concience by your side
So yeah evangeline
Your name just cuts so clean
I see us evernight in my dreams
But now I sit alone
Angry with closed fists
'Cause I know in your dreams we will never exist

I don't know why I played your game
Evangeline I hate that name
For so long I tried to be yours
Now I see your just a whore
I take back all the things I said
These thoughs linger inside my head
Your better off not knowing me
Insted my heart breaks constantly...

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