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A Shropshire Lad

This song is by Half Man Half Biscuit and appears on the album Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road (1997).

Second greatest time I had
Was when they asked me and my dad
To organize a festival
Along the lines of Donington
We picked Chirk airfield as our site
Booked the bands we thought were right
Received the long-range from the Met
They said it could be very wet
With this in mind, we thought it wise
To call the whole kaboodle off
The greatest time I ever had
Was when we didn't tell the bands!

Boom boom boom
Lemme hear you say
Hosepipe ban

My childhood, my family
My screwed up relationships
My girlfriend, my boyfriend
My suicide to come
The drugs hell, the drinks bill
Colombia, hotel rooms
I do believe I'm going to pln
What say we go the Isle of Man

Welsh rockers
Welsh rockers

The charlie in Bali
The Drake and the superglue
The oneness in Stromness
The hit and the miss
These hand towels belong to my Islamic landlord

Achtung, Edwardian lampoon
Oh no, my head feels like sponge

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