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We're Very Greatly Loved

This song is by Half-Handed Cloud.

Not that I know,
But that I'm known,
You told me I'm yours and now you're making me you own,
And it's a gift
Because you lifted me out of the past

I tried to honor
What you commanded with my labor,
But now I haven't just been told
I have been loved.

Throw your arms wide,
Taking your bride,
Making us like yourself and cleansing us inside,

We wore out our sponge,
The dirt didn't budge
'Cause the fudge was all cake-on and corroded,
And we just wouldn't let you hold it,
That's when we found you pure but messy with our blood.

Oh in the past we tried to honor,
What you commanded with our labor,
But now we haven't just been told
We have been loved.

Now that I'm known

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