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In You Now, But Still Below

This song is by Half-Handed Cloud.

Show yourself, Lord
So no one can miss it
A time is set for appearing
Some don't live
But some face you and kiss it
Not holding back the loud cheering

A shout from spouts of turn-about
Throughout the bout your heart held-out

And holding very near
Is this elephant of years
Remembers that a peanut made of styrofoam
Fell from a leg of pants
It preserved all the past
And now it's gonna last

Your kingdom worked through the earth like leaven
Rising in a lump of dough
What remains and what will change in heaven
In you now but still below

And lo the skies do cauterize
March with baton your heart held on

Last thing that is seen of earth
Is not the earth at all
Redemption from the fall
Within your fireball

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