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Considered It A Loan

This song is by Half-Handed Cloud.

Certain man son of the prophets said
"Hit me in the face, he didn't hit me"
Lion came to the school of the prophets and ate up
Every trace of the one who wouldn't hit me

Certain man son of the prophets said
"Hit me in the face", and he struck me
Waited by the road in disguise
With a bandage over my eyes

And the king got mad at me
You shouldn't have let your captive go
So be your judgment

Ben-Hadad, King of Syria, sieged
Samaria to pick a fight with me
He laid claim to all the things I own
I gave in, considered it a loan

I wasn't by myself
The Lord our God was with me
He said, "He'd give me the victory"

Ben in armor, eager just to boast
Getting drunk at the commanding post
Defeated more than once by little goats
But I still let the king of Syria go

And make a treaty with me
I've called my sin my brother
He'll give my kingdom to another
Oh, no


Written by:

John Ringhofer

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