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​Box For Snow And Shadows

This song is by Haley.

Words that come from a soul so hurt
Written so slowly on pages burnt
I'll stare intense
Till these words make sense
Letters derived from three
Frozen there for me to see
Curse or cure?
I couldn't be sure
And in this snow buried deep
Found an angel fast asleep
But dare not a demon like me
Touch perfection and make it weep
Blood on white, contaminating
Light from these stars illuminating

Silence, the dark void
My eyes I can't avoid
And if my eyes see fake
Then my life, I give for you to take
I will not suck the life out of you
And leave your lips a pale shade of blue
So touch me, and steal my gaze
And bring forth loneliness from a graze
But as you walk away in grace
I see you have my heart encased
I'm yours...