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The End

This song is by Hale and appears on the album Above, Over and Beyond (2008).

Tell me this is the end
I need to make a stand
Things will never be like before

You left me powerless
I'm still cleaning up this mess
Things can't work out the way they did

This time we say goodnight
Can you feel that it's not right?
Did you see?
Did you see this coming?

Moments I can't pass
Desperate that it won't last
Did you see?
Did you see this coming?

Where will this tunnel end?
This time I won't give in
This war doesn't make any sense

I hope you understand
We need to take a bow
Were done the curtains must come down

I can't get over the way we used to be
And the way when things were right
I can't get over that last time you didn't try
And the way you said goodbye

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