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​Souls Collide

This song is by Hale.

It's 8 o'clock
And I'm supposed to pick you up
And it's not like it slipped my mind
'Cause you're running in and out of it all the time
I didn't mean to set the stage like this
And I try to always look my best
And I planned to tell you everything
But once again, I felt weak in the knees

And you can say goodnight
Maybe I'll call you sometime
And you can save my life
And when the night collides, the stars come crashing down
Then our souls collide, and start a spark, but do you ever wonder?

And now I sit
In the car that smells of you
It's been christened with your perfume
I stay inside for a while just to try and breathe it in
You know I never saw a shooting star
Until you came along
And told me all your favorite songs
I learned them all; I play them every night

But will I play them right
Maybe you'll hear them sometime
And it'll make you smile
And our breath keeps time, as we count the stars
And then hearts collide, and start a spark tonight

And will we scream it with our wrists
Walking, looking for extra tickets
Do you want to hold my hand though?
Let me lead you through the crowd

And do you ever wonder what it would be like
To turn our hearts aside, collide
And do you ever sleep, silently at home
"New England's only cold when you sleep alone"