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Filming A Diary

This song is by Hale.

As certain as the day she wakes with intentions of granger
Let's waste some time let's get rid of all the fall out hearts
We'll sicken wasted time with our wits
No one has to tell us any different

We'll just lay back and watch the stars crawl out
And somewhere between what's good and what's gone
I found a moment

Find a safe to store your feelings
And I'll unlock them when I get the chance
To break their hearts that's something I could do
If I only gave the time I had to waste

On wasted feelings and intentions of granger bring me down
And I just crawl back down

And everyday she hides
You won't believe what the camera finds
On her seventh take, only one mistake
She broke down, and pouted on the floor

Let's waste some time together and sweat this out for a while
I don't know if I'm up for the test, but I sure will try

And she could be forgotten
But would she be defined?
And I could take, every last mistake
And edit it out, so let your heart decide...

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