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Dancin' Wit No Panties On

This song is by Haitian Fresh.

(Feat. Pleasure P)

(Hey) (Haitian fresh Pleasure P) Here about to change da club scene with dis one mayne
She dance wit no panties on (x3)
And she bold legged (she bold legged)

Fresher than a mug
Walkin' in the club
And when I walk in I see this girl in the club
She dancin' on the pole wit no panties on
She drop it real low, real low, real slow
Then she walk, walk, walk, walk shakin one time
Her left cheek, right cheek, she shake 2 times (Hey)
Girl so fine shawty is a dime
I sure wouldn't mind hittin' that from behind
And I be like work that pole, work that pole
I love the way you workin' it, I love the way you workin' it
Work that pole, just work that pole and do it, do it, do it, do it all night long

Brand new song
Swaggin' like a motha fucka
She said my soul flap
Now she jockin like a motha fucka
Drop a stack on her (tolder her drop drop low)
Then she back it up back, back, back it up some more (dats right)
It's just a girl in the club betta come and get her
She a 10 4 lady fresh go getta
She my soul baby damn shawty so hood
I pop while she pop to we both felln good
She said she got no panties on
She like to make love
Before the night is almost gone down in the club
I'm a boss I don't dance I just 2 step
I'm mister voodoo dick
I'm guaranteed to make it wet

W-w-work that pole
Work that pole
I love the way you workin it n
I love the way you workin it
Work that pole just work that pole
And do it, do it, do it, do it all night long (x2)

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