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...Of Frost And War (2008)Edit

Hail Of Bullets - ...Of Frost And War
...Of Frost And War
  1. Before The Storm (Barbarossa)
  2. Ordered Eastward
  3. The Lake Ladoga Massacre
  4. General Winter
  5. Advancing Once More
  6. Red Wolves Of Stalin
  7. Nachthexen
  8. The Crucial Offensive (19-11-1942, 7.30 AM)
  9. Stalingrad
  10. Insanity Commands
  11. Inferno At The Carpathian Mountains
  12. Berlin

On Divine Winds (2010)Edit

Hail Of Bullets - On Divine Winds
On Divine Winds
  1. The Eve Of Battle
  2. Operation Z
  3. The Mukden Incident
  4. Strategy Of Attrition
  5. Full Scale War
  6. Guadalcanal
  7. On Coral Shores
  8. Unsung Heroes
  9. Tokyo Napalm Holocaust
  10. Kamikaze
  11. To Bear The Unbearable

III: The Rommel Chronicles (2013)Edit

Hail Of Bullets - III- The Rommel Chronicles
III: The Rommel Chronicles
  1. Swoop Of The Falcon
  2. Pour Le Mérite
  3. DG-7
  4. To The Last Breath Of Man And Beast
  5. DAK
  6. The Desert Fox
  7. Tobruk
  8. Farewell To Africa
  9. The Final Front
  10. Death Of A Field Marshal

Additional information

Years active:


Band members:
  • Theo van Eekelen - Bass (2006-present)
  • Ed Warby - Drums (2006-present)
  • Paul Baayens - Guitars (2006-present)
  • Stephan Gebédi - Guitars (2006-present)
Former members:
  • Martin van Drunen - Vocals (2006-2015)
Related artists:
Record labels:

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