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Holy Driver

This song is by Hail Mary Mallon and appears on the album Are You Gonna Eat That? (2011).

{Rob Sonic}
Big Red son of bald shortcut caper
Highway humming daughter orange containers
Lights on the runway order Captain Kramer
Holding his tea and his cheek since brain age
Cargo S.S. minaret cheaper
Neon read out on a Cineplex feature
Boom it in your sleeper and you said its only speakers
Pigs on his wheels like the pepperoni pizzas

{Aesop Rock}
Start a wrong place wrong time club, might get
Two peace fingers threw an A-ok sign fucked
Lime green crooked alpine flying white doves
Objects in the mirror made of daisy chained light bulbs
Safe escape cornered by the cemetery death bells
Breathe held in his head he donkey with the red shells
Partially responsible for a string of wonky fish tales
Party on or get your corporate chem trailed

{Rob Sonic}
Jam with jelly blip wipe the screen off
Spaceball grey walls 8 track t-ball
From Cletus to the Jesus had breathe and teeth gone
Couple missing fingers and a lap full of cheap porn
Born on the 4th on a bayou near boom town
Never getting sweet please peep the way the broom sound
Tweaking leaking boozehound eager to leave his roof down
Peanut Reese's, Cheetos, and Visas for Mrs. Noose Bound

{Aesop Rock}
I'm liar, I'm a nuisance, I'm a fighter acting mulish
I'm a licensed zoning pilot, went to drivers ed with Toonces
And early in the morning bore witness to the pie cut
Swerve on serving medium that Christian side hug
Bird dog middle of the street chicken in its teeth
Shirt gone caught allure before the first furlong
Periscope up, meter maid pissy
I will see you in the tedious DNA of the city

{Rob Sonic}
Jerky on his jaw line, raw hide Toro
Z's in his alphabet soup stop more chose
Squirrely early bird giving away the Morse code
Minivan kiddie hand mimic the way his horn blow
Mouth full of spit, belly full of the Jager cramps
Hot sauce wings and things that crawl in his raisin bran
Green light, yellow light, headlamp header
Holy drive by Batman, hand gestures

{Aesop Rock}
I escape New York like watching King Kong backwards
And you will know us by the trail of baffled dog catchers
On tippy toes or gigantic nets swinging Baryshnikovs
Patterns like a final level peeled back to the mini boss
Biggie on BLS itchy palm feet are sweat
Skidding in a ticking bomb shitty bricks Jesus fish
Bumper stickers everywhere, his other car's a sinking ship
My kid made the honor roll, your kid is a piece of shit

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