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Heavenly Damnation

This song is by Haggard and appears on the album Awaking The Centuries (2000).

Suffering dementia
Unchains the secret's bearer
Unholy visions "God forgive me!"
Are coming nearer - coming nearer, Amen!

Lux perpetua, domine

Dementia slowly unlightens the mind
And Satan steals the morninglight


Вижу свет в ночи туманной
(I see the light in the foggy night)
Не прогнать мне призрак странный
(Can't banish the weird ghost)
Свет негаснущей свечи
(The light of ever-burning candle)
Горит, горит в ночи
(Is flickering in the night)

So God has found him weeping
And wrath flickered deep within his eyes
So thy shalt suffer
As long ago the One's been crucified
The keeper of the Lord's mark
Is rising up with this ability
Heavenly damnation
So thou shalt trust the seer...

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