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This song is by Hagfish and appears on the album Buick Men (1993) and on the album Rocks Your Lame Ass (1995).

When I met you, you told me
Your virtue was as good as could be
And you said you wouldn't call for me
And you said you wouldn't bleed for me
And I told you, you'd find someone
To put up over me
So you did and I cannot speak
Of my jealousy

Cause you gave your body and soul
To someone you don't even know
And all this time I was waiting
And waiting
Waiting to be disappointed

When I see you, you tell me you're happy as a girl could
And you say you wanna talk to me
Tell me all about your history
So you call me and bore me and tell me that you want
Me back
And you feel so frustrated
And I feel so frustrated

And I'm glad you gave me a chance to take a ride with
'Cause I won't be seen with you
And I won't give in to you
And I told you, you'll find some time that you could
Spend with me
And I feel so disappointed
And you feel so disappointed

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