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​Red Velvet

This song is by Hadji And The Turbans.

It was yesterday or the day before
You said I can't take this anymore
I don't know what you get off on
But I am so tired
Every radio station, every single TV show
Is telling me what and what not to know
Well you know it doesn't really matter
To you who's elected president
Even six fifteen is not enough,
But I guess we live and learn and crach and burn
Unril we've finally had enough
We get knocked down and then we pick ourselves up

These things are just icing on the cake
I'd explain, but nobody listens to me anyway
This roller coaster is making my head spin around and round
Around and around and around and around again

They'll give you a gun and say 'go to war'
But you can't buy beer at the liquor store
So tell me man what's really goin' on?
Well I guess it doesn't really matter to you
And I'll keep livin' day by day
I'll keep on doing everything my own way
But something makes
Me wish that I was wrong, that
All this weakness makes me strong
That one day I will end up where I belong