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This song is by Hadji And The Turbans.

It's funny how you always look away
Can't believe a word I say
Can't ignore this anymore

It's lonely here I miss you all the time
I keep remembering when i
Was all you wanted from this world.

I think about a place I go
When I find myself all alone
Dreaming, wondering, wishing, missing you

It's true
I die
Every time
I try

Well it's okay for you to scream at me
I guess that's what I deserve
I guess I shouldn't talk about my dreams
'Cause I'll just get on your nerves

If you don't wanna talk about it
If you just want me to leave
Well then I guess I'll understand
Here's your heart and here's your key.

So maybe everything is over
So fucking full of foolish pride
I can almost hear you laughing
As you softly screamed:

"Goodbye, farewell. see you in hell"
I want to say that it's ok
'Cause I never really wanted you anyway

I'm really sorry I hung up on you
Guess I didn't wanna talk
I'm really sorry that it's over
But that's really not my fault
You're the one that threw me out
You're the one that said goodbye
I didn't think that you'd come
Crawlin back to me tonight

I'm really sorry she came over
I'm really sorry you came by
But you're the one that said it's over
You're the one that said:

"Goodbye, farewell. see you in hell"
I want to say that its ok
'Cause I never really wanted you anyway