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​The Implacable God Needs To Be Adored

This song is by Hadez and appears on the album Even If You Die A Thousand Times (2000).

Bored of being alive
The tortured souls
Searchs in the abyss
Looking for a way to inexistence

Condemned to see
Our agony of mortals
Till the end of time
Their destiny
Can't be worst

Slaves of the dark good
Who incarnated the pain
In the human beings
The dark god
Who claimed to be adored

God of our flesh
God of their misery

The words of god
Are still in the air
And his religion
In our veins in our veins
We all borned with his trace
Our bodies dies
But our souls are still enslaved

You all are my church
Once time he claimed
You all are mine
Forever and ever mine
You are mine
You are mine
Restless eyes
Always looking
Into our own conscience

Implacable god
Needs to be adored
Needs to be adored