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Last Sign Of Life

This song is by Hadez and appears on the album Even If You Die A Thousand Times (2000).

Turning the resignation, into agony
And your silence, into sad lament
The reflex of your useless life
Reaches you in the last moment
In front of you the nothing in which you lived
In front of you the lie that you created
Oh you error made flesh
Oh you who dies
Crushing your hope
And rising your pain
The holy force of decadence
Takes your dreams away
In a forgotten corner of life
A little candle shines the darkness
Alone, you shall remind
When our pain will meet the end
When our voice will never be heard again
Last sign of life
Vital remains in you
You leaves all what you couldn't loose
Your soul has gone
But your flesh roves in
For a space to corrupt!

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