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Destruction Nightmare

This song is by Hadez and appears on the album Doomsday: The Death Rides (2009).

Fire changer of the blaze
Will purify the spirits
For a new direction
Already renewed...

Winds of the north
Against you they attack
Destruction nightmare
From end to end they'll take
Their step will make seconds
To be like hours
Hours like days
And days like years

Shaken from a place
To another in calamity
Eternal ruin above you
It is cut and tossed
You'll lift dirges
But Eurakylon will abduct them
Until unsuspected times
To Baalammom they'll request help
But with him cursed they are

Open the gates
Servant of the fire
Sacrifice damned alliance
Three jumps on the blaze
One step to darkness
A road only exists, under the eye
The all looking eye

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