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Altar Of Sacrifice

This song is by Hadez and appears on the album Doomsday: The Death Rides (2009).

Eternal flames
Bloody orgy
Infernal rites
Mutilated bodies
Spilled blood
Around the altar
Altar of sacrifice

Night of terror... rites, rites
Cruelty and malice... rites, rites
Scream of horror... rites, rites
Deprivation and sadism... rites, rites
Diabolic sect... rites, rites
Looking protection... rites, rites
Sons of sacrifice... rites, rites

Sons of Satan
False diabolic sect
They are condemned
Infinite obedience
Diabolic ceremony
The ritual has begun
Total submission
Eternal adoration

Mutilated bodies... altar of sacrifice
Spilled blood... altar of sacrifice
Around the altar... altar of sacrifice
Altar of sacrifice... altar of sacrifice

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