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Based On A True Story

This song is by Haddonfield.

So run away, try to escape the monster living inside you
You'll never make it
The day your story makes the silver screen
They'll bury what's left of your bones
In awkward silence
(Give up, give up)

Do you feel this blade
Stop running away
No one can hear you scream
Stop running away
Don't be afraid
Stop running away (x3)
(Eyes set sight on him, begin to terrorize
Words cannot express the way his mind must be thinking
This is not a game, that some innocent people must play)

The volume of his steps are getting louder
Your shivering
(Their on the edges of their seats)
Your nightmares are more than just a dream now
You feel his breath on your neck now your next for death

Eyes glued, they will not blink now
(There's far to much to see)
The audience will watch you bleed
(No hope)
You took one look
(Your second guessing what you see)
Both me and you are in this scene

Her wings are burning
The angels calling out
They want her dying eyes

(You're in the spotlight now, millions of people watching
But none of them can help
Reality differs nightmares
His face was the perfect definition
Of hatred and anger
Yours was fear

Breakdown 1:
Can you see the reflection of her dying face
(In the killers eyes)

Breakdown 2:
They left this rose, for your open casket burial
(As she hits the ground)

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