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This song is by Hacksaw To The Throat and appears on the album Tear My Eyes Out (2005).

Too exhausted to be awake
Too full of life to sleep
Full of questions
About the horror which tomorrow brings
About the love I won't let myself feel
Turning and rolling, tremble and cough
I can't stay still
But moving keeps me awake
Craving the sedation
That only sleep can bring
Searching for a fix I can't find
My eyes shut tight
Thinking the darkness can caress me into sleep
It is never dark enough
I hold my breathe
Hoping for the release that only being unconscious can bring
But I never have the strength
Hours of anguish, lead to a second of bliss
Which will leave me in a world that has only pain for me
Tear my eyes out
Every time they open I awake in a more painful reality

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