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Consumed In Nothing

This song is by Hacksaw To The Throat and appears on the album Tear My Eyes Out (2005).

I'm empty and cold as I realize nothings real
Falling into the abyss of fake
Dying inside rotting beneath
Unable to persevere
Consumed by nothingness
Drowning in my filth
Craving the embrace
Suffocate in tears
Tear away all that mattered
Dissolving uselessness
Erasing who I am
Destroying what I've built
I strive so hard to reach perfection
Yet I please no one
My trials are useless
I'm left weak
Dropping, falling, losing, lost, I never will win
Trapped in myself, with no illusion, to block out the horror within
Fear of the future, of the unknown, leaves me alone with my hate
Knowing I'll never have what I need leaves me with nothing but pain

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