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​Maculate Conception

This song is by Hackneyed and appears on the album Carnival Cadavre (2011).

Advising science
And call the ambulance
I see angels fly
And questioning why

I - feel - like
Bursting inside
I feel I'm pregnant,
Something grows inside me
Can't get rid of it,
It won't disappear
I feel I'm pregnant
And something's teaching me to fear

Take me to maternity,
Boil up the scalpel -
I know I'm fucking male!
Open my paunch
And help me kill this monster

My guts are churning,
There's a presence in me -
But anatomy dissents
My brain is squirming -
Raging battle in me
Anatomical disgrace

Pregnant with the beast!

On my podest.
A freak of interest
Horror in their eyes,
Gorge begins to rise.

I - feel - like
Hollowed out inside
Yes, I was pregnant,
This thing has survived inside me
I was ripped by it - now I disappear
Yes I was pregnant -
Now something's teaching you to fear

Now it's time to fear...
It's here - now it's here!

My mind is raging like the devil is in me
Till the enemy left
My mind is fading since the devil left me
Leaving only death

Pregnant with the beast!

Plague man's race - and
Force them to the underground
And possess them -
My contract with the devil

It feels like,
I'm not the only one,
Losing mankind
Birthing death all around

Pregnant with the beast!