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Crimson Saber

This song is by Hacken Lee.

Crying in the night
Sighing a deep sigh
Locked in darkness
All is dead
On that fateful night
Time was standing still
But a battle was soon to come
One we cannot avoid
So let's hope for the best

Love is deep
Hate is just as deep
What is real
Needs to be pretend
Although it was meant to be
We were forced to pretend it never happened
Bury true love
Avoid closer glances

Too cruel
Too many bitter sacrifices
With the hope that one day
We would be without hate
I try to take your hand
But I cannot reach close enough to hold it
Was it me or was it you
That didn't have enough confidence
Smiling, I ask the sky
Is there such a thing as everlasting love?

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