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​Lusting The Dead Ov Nite

This song is by Hacavitz and appears on the album Venganza (2006).

I wander in disease
This blistering ov my human being
As I fathom very very deep
As night dies so immensely
Had prosper in malice
Between somber times
Effulgence ov the night
Let the dead deceive the life

Noctiferous rapt
Noctambulant obeisance
From voices ov within and dead

Prosper in whispering wrath
Prosper in whispering death so dead
Freezing cold obscurity
Calls from beyond
Debauching thee essence ov the light
Lusting the dead ov the night

Venomous massacre
Grieveance ov the dark
Heed my soul to thee obscure
Waiting the day most dark

Fimbul grimmness flies free
Lusting the dead ov the night
So night and funebre
Revealing winds ov the past
Gather truth faster
In eternal lust ov the night

Blazing thee opacity so dark
Forth to the empires ov old
Saturates the reality
Ov funeral dark grief