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​Fathom Thee Eerie

This song is by Hacavitz and appears on the album Venganza (2006).

Splendor at grim
Forth disease and triumph ov the dead
O last shines ov the night
I evoke to thee

Seance to be
Fornever into despair ov the somber
Graced profane famine
Let me see through the most
Ov the light ov the obscure

Fimbul ones
Ov opacity so dark
Awake thee eeries
Freezing moon ov the ages

Torn into death
Empires ov obscurity
Cultures ov pagan
Xolotl raxa xibalba

Fathom thee eerie
Within splendour ov ruin
And devotion to dark
Fortuite forth to obscurity

For night and beyond
Perpetuate the extinction ov life
Erupt from so deep and below
Summon thee ancient ones

Raping darkness
Pagan rites for eternity
Dwells transforming insolency

For gods and shades ov the weak
Underworlds brings the awake

Fathom thee eerie
So proud into thee
And for gods ov stone
Wrath eternal be