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Sof Haolam

This song is by HaYehudim and appears on the album Metsiut Nifredet (1995).

Veze' sof haolam
Vehacheder sagur
Vekvar ein lanu le'an hakol nigmar
Mechabim et ha'or
Mistagrim babatim
Eich notnim la la'esh lehamshich livor

Veze' ma she'omer hazman haze'

Az bishvil ma lanu lakum
Kshehaboker shachor
Lehaamid pney metim ve'az lachzor
Ve'anachnu bochim
Eich anachnu noflim
Ve'anachnu yodim hakol nigmar vekvar meuchar

Veze' ma she'omer hazman haze'

Ani rotse' lidroch le'atsmi al hakever
Rotse' ladaat
Ma sham nishar

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