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​Sic Et Non

This song is by HRstrut.

Eloisa, can you picture me?
If you close your eyes can you begin to see?
If the garden weed should obscure my love,
Could you see beyond, could you rise above?

Storm clouds gathering over your head,
While you're listening to what everyone else has said,
But there's never been a shortfall of free advice,
Coming unrequested, and worth the price,

So I hold out to you like a drowning man would,
Two by two we can ride out this flood,
And I can't help thinking our worries and our aches,
Are the fruit of listening to all the snakes.

Eloisa, who does not know, where will you go,
When the sun goes down?
Eloisa, who does not know, you'll see it gets a little low,
When I'm not around.

Eloisa, many those who would take delight,
Spurring on our predatory appetites,
Well the vulture sees well from his lofty gyre,
You're either carrion, or carrion supplier,

But if it's only to hide the mess we're in,
That we have to now dress in an animal's skin,
And spar at each other in guessing games,
Looking for someone to love, someone to blame,

Why is it I still have to explain,
The questions I came in with all over again?
Are you victim, criminal, beggar, thief,
Flesh of my flesh, or just beef?
Eloisa, who does not know...

I know it's me you've been thinking about,
When you're looking in the bathroom mirror,
And I know you've been trying to scope me out,
But the picture won't get no clearer,

All the people you've been asking,
All my mystery to learn,
All the people you've been asking,
When's it gonna be my turn?