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​Sharks In The Water

This song is by HRstrut.

To light, to light,
We'll drink before the night is through,
To light, to light,
And the life we claimed as ours, but never knew,
With all of our enemies in view,
To light, to light, to you.

I see the shorelights growing dim,
Still our love burns hotter,
Stretch out your bleeding wrists and swim,
Past the sharks in the water.

The wild, the wild,
Their shadows, soft and silent, creep,
The wild, the wild,
In blood's anticipation leap,
Dreams, of an infinite sleep,
The wild, the wild and deep.

Their towers are falling around the rim,
And their siege walls totter,
On top they spy us as we swim,
Past the sharks in the water.

And with mocking faces they are watching,
To delight in the slaughter,
While the moving finger carves another notch in,

For the sharks in the water.

Their currents' swirls surround you,
Alien wind,
As they circle around you,
Closing in.

The sea, the sea,
That they condemn us now to brave,
The sea, the sea,
Where life slips past you like a wave,
But this, that they've intended as our grave,
This sea, this sea will save.

Our blood turns to wine, flowing over the brim,
Thoughts tangle and clot,
Around us: madness, thick as the sea we swim,
With its shark-filled water.

Too late, they will learn the apocalypse,
Cannot be bought,
Our place is here with those whose fingertips,
Brush the sharks in the water.