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Goodnight, My Lady

This song is by HRstrut.

Blue wind at my throat,
Purple moonlight through the skies,
Ticket in my coat,
And a stinging in my eyes.

I know the road is leading into sorrow, into storm,
So I'll need your smile with me, your smile to keep me warm.
And so I say,

Goodnight, my lady, don't cry for me,
I'm on my way now, don't know where I'll
Don't know where the wind's blowing, say a prayer for me,
'Cause I won't be coming back a while,
But I'll be back, be back in a while.

I've looked far and wide,
Dead-end back-roads, twists and curves,
I've fought to provide,

You the life your love deserves.

I've waited long nights hoping,
With all the strength my will commands,
And then watched the morning come, come in with empty hands.
And so I say,

Goodnight, my lady...
World torn out from me,
Leaves a twitching in my mind,
Turning every face I see,
Into one I left behind.

I've grieved at every parting, felt the cold as daylight died,
But I've kept the fire lit, the fire lit inside.
And so I say...

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